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07 May 2011 @ 10:17 pm
Season 5 Reasons & Quotes (Dylan/Kelly)  


01. Donna thought it was feasible that Kelly got back together with him over the summer.
02. She was worried how he’d react to the news of her and Brandon being together, concerned that he’d feel ganged up on.

[03 - 81 under the cut]


5.01, What I Did on My Summer Vacation and Other Stories;

K: “Every time Steve gets dumped, he gets sentimental about me. […] Well, I know how to handle Steve. It’s Dylan I’m worried about.”

D: “I had it together all summer long. I really did. I mean, I didn’t even shed one tear over David. I didn’t even think of him at all! And now I see him for 15 seconds and I totally go to pieces. How can he still do this to me?”
K: “Because he was your first real boyfriend, that’s why. I mean, of course you’re gonna have strong feelings for him. It’s totally natural.”
D: “Well … does he still have strong feelings for me?”
K: “Donna, I don’t know.” [...]

K gets up, then stops, feeling an intense breeze behind her. We cut to Dylan, from a boat, staring at the beach apartment intently from afar. He flashes back to their break-up scene in S4, clearly ruminating on the matter and not over his ex.

[more under the cut]


01. Donna thought it was feasible that Kelly got back together with him over the summer.
02. She was worried how he’d react to the news of her and Brandon being together, concerned that he’d feel ganged up on.
03. As she tells Donna about David, he was her first real boyfriend. Of course she’s still going to have strong feelings for him.
04. She could literally ‘sense’ him staring out at her from a far off light tower.
05. He regrets the break-up.
06. They used to go camping every weekend.
07. He’s been missing her.
08. Nat implies that the only reason she’s not with him is cause he skipped town and didn’t keep in touch.
09. He refers to her as his “best girl”.
10. Despite verbal insult, she came over to talk things through and express concern over his drinking.
11. She thought there was reason for her to apologize for him seeing her with another guy.
12. After some provocation, she affirms that it’s over between them. Wasn’t it already supposed to be?
13. He gets teary-eyed hearing that she only stopped by because she cares about him.
14. He’s not above an apology.
15. Back when his father died, he opened up to her about his guilt.
16. They spot each other, everything stops, the music swells.
17. She inquires about his life, still throwing a snarky comment in there to wake him up.
18. She all but apologized for her skepticism regarding Kevin, Suzanne, and the bio-remediation company.
19. She bought a present for his little sister.
20. She’s upset by Valerie’s suggestion that she doesn’t care enough to help him ... and by the fact that he made out with her.
21. Her comments at the intervention cut him deep and, finally, he was reached.
22. She’s angry at him for abusing/degrading himself like this.
23. Valerie thinks Kelly is still in love with him.
24. Cindy knows how tough it will be for Kelly to see him in the hospital on life support.
25. His coma dreams reveal his wish for her as his bride-to-be and the hurt/surprise he felt losing her to Brandon.
26. His flashback to them at the Bel Age pool in S3 was of her holding him in her arms, not anything lustful.
27. Still, in the fantasy of all the women he had slept with, she was named as his best lover.
28. All it took was a little sobriety for her to have daydreams about a make-out session where he disarms her and they reunite.
29. She visited him in rehab.
30. He reminds her that his love for her is unconditional. Always was, always will be.
31. She finds it funny that she ever doubted the sincerity of his love, even if due to her own issues.
32. He admits that it’s hard to see her with someone else, but he respects it.
33. He suggests that his life wouldn’t have unraveled so much if they were still together.
34. She gestures her support when he tells her that he’s terrified about the future.
35. She can always call him. No exceptions.
36. Only they can make suicide jokes and talk seriously at the same time.
37. She’s able to confide in her ex-boyfriend about trust issues with her current boyfriend on a genuinely constructive basis.
38. He’s the one person people turn to for advice on how to deal with her self-image problems.
39. Their longing stare at the Walsh house was intense enough to move plot points.
40. He’s even being teased by her nemesis about how hung up he is on her.
41. She’s sympathetic to his lack of direction and wants to help him.
42. He likens a break-up with her to something you don’t think you’re going to survive, but you do, meaning he had recovered some when asked to re-enter her life.
43. Brandon knows Dylan cares about her.
44. He was willing to humiliate himself in front of Donna and Clare in order to gain her trust.
45. He defended her quest for spiritual growth.
46. Her desire to work towards opening him up was not the result of any brainwashing, despite the context of the cult.
47. He thinks she has limitless possibilities and shouldn’t be afraid to shine.
48. She poured her heart out to him about her fears, and none of it was news to him.
49. She thinks he truly understands her and her life, based on that which he’s said and been genuine about.
50. It was easy for Brandon to imagine they slept together once Dylan told him they got “caught up in the moment” while talking.
51. She knows he loves her.
52. It was their lingering, mutual feelings for each other that served as the effective catalyst in the plan to break her free of Finley’s influence, and led Dylan to nearly fall for The New Evolution himself.
53. She was concerned about how he was feeling in light of being so close with her again and having to walk away to let her be with Brandon.
54. He did the honorable thing, loving her enough to let her go instead of capitalizing on the fact that she carries a torch for him too.
55. He came to her ‘Welcome Back’ gathering even though it hurt to even see her.
56. Now sober, he’s too downtrodden about losing her to have sex with Val.
57. His heartache almost drove him to light up a joint.
58. Charlie has been hearing of his Kelly-woes for nearly half a season.
59. In her own words, she’d still be ‘evolving’ with Finley if he hadn’t exposed him for the fraud that he is.
60. She thanks him for being such a great friend and makes him promise that they’ll always be in each other’s lives as such.
61. He’s into psychology now too.
62. Brandon thinks it’s possible that she still loves Dylan and, according to Clare’s dumper/dumpee theory, he still loves her.
63. He’s still thinking about the scent of her perfume.
64. His first vision under hypnosis, regarded merely as a message from his subconscious, like in dreams, involved a woman who could very possibly represent her.
65. He could get some work done on this screenplay if only he’d stop staring at her magazine photo.
66. Valerie’s reference to the film, “Jules and Jim”, about a woman who’s in love with two men equally but for different reasons, foreshadows the decision Kelly must make between Brandon and Dylan.
67. Charlie encourages him to go out and fight for his relationship with her.
68. His visions of her in a past life reveal his desire for her to save him from a wasted existence. Love, hope, faith, and stability are what she represents to him.
69. For whatever reason, New York City reminds her of him.
70. He believes that they are soulmates – literally. And, by extension, that she already had two sons with him.
71. All it takes is him showing up at her door and they’re kissing. Kissing like tomorrow might never come.
72. He wants her to leave L.A. and travel the world with him.
73. According to him, they argue because he makes her feel alive enough to do so.
74. He believes that they’re connected in a way that only they understand, and it’s more powerful than any common love.
75. She still has feelings for him.
76. He is the reason she had to think about Brandon’s proposal.
77. She knows that, in his own proposal, he’s talking about more than a fling.
78. She feels that he will always have a piece of her soul.
79. Even with her engagement ring on, she’s kissing him (for 1:40 min plus).
80. She loves him despite his bouts of selfishness, and speaks of the matter with endearment.
81. Although she rejects the prospect of a new relationship with him, she tells him that she’ll love him until the day she dies.


5.01, What I Did on My Summer Vacation and Other Stories;

K: “Every time Steve gets dumped, he gets sentimental about me. […] Well, I know how to handle Steve. It’s Dylan I’m worried about.”

D: “I had it together all summer long. I really did. I mean, I didn’t even shed one tear over David. I didn’t even think of him at all! And now I see him for 15 seconds and I totally go to pieces. How can he still do this to me?”
K: “Because he was your first real boyfriend, that’s why. I mean, of course you’re gonna have strong feelings for him. It’s totally natural.”
D: “Well … does he still have strong feelings for me?”
K: “Donna, I don’t know.” [...]

K gets up, then stops, feeling an intense breeze behind her. We cut to Dylan, from a boat, staring at the beach apartment intently from afar. He flashes back to their break-up scene in S4, clearly ruminating on the matter and not over his ex.

5.02, Under the Influence;

K: “I know what this is about. This is about David. She [Donna] wants to move out of L.A. so she doesn’t have to deal with seeing him.”
Bn: “Kel, don’t take this the wrong way but, ever since the Dylan sighting, you’ve been a little ... high-strung.”
K: “I know. I’m sorry. When are we going to tell him about us?”
Bn: “I don’t know. We’ll figure something out.”
K: “Looks like we’re back in the triangle all over again.”
Bn: “Except I’m not Brenda and we’re not in high school.”
K: “Yeah, but it – when it’s two against one, you’re always ganging up on someone.”
Bn: “Alright, then I’ll tell Dylan by myself if that’s what you want.”

Dy: “I’m fine. (sits down) … Although I have been missing Kelly a little bit lately.”

Dy: (to Bn) “Everybody does, man [feel like ‘so long ago’], it’s just … like, ‘people I knew in high school’. Except you. Kel … Know what I mean?”

Dy: “L – I’m – I’m having a rough spot right now.”
N: “Is it Kelly?”
Dy: “I don’t know, maybe.”

Dy spots Bn and K kissing at Felice’s fundraiser.
Dy: “Achem. (they see him) You two are like a bad movie. My best friend, my best girl” […]

V: “That’s Brenda’s Dylan?”
D: “Kelly’s Dylan.”

Dy: “Technically, I think they call it a relapse. But it’s expected, so I wouldn’t worry about it if I were you.”
K: “You know what that stuff does to you.”
Dy: “At the risk of sounding glib, Kel, that’s why I drink.”
K: “I hate to see you like this. Put some clothes on, and we’ll go get some coffee and talk.”

Bn: “Look, if you have a problem with me, that’s fine. But Kelly only came over here because she cares about you. You owe her an apology.”

Dylan looks a little glassy-eyed. Brandon leaves.

Dy: “I, uh … came to talk to Kel. Since she’s not here, I guess I’ll start with you.”
D: “Look, you don’t owe me any apologies. I know what it’s like to see someone you care about with someone else. Actually, I felt pretty bad for you.”
D: “Dylan, it’s so, so hard to see David. You know, I thought it would stop, but it hasn’t. And I just … I feel like I have no place else to go. (Dy looks sympathetic) I’m sorry …”
D: “Will you come to registration with me? (Dy looks pained) I mean, maybe if we face them together …”

5.04, Life After Death;

Bn: “It could’ve been me in that car.”
K: “But it wasn’t.”
Bn: “But it could’ve been.”
K: “You know, that’s the exact same thing that Dylan said when his father died.”

5.05, Rave On;

K: “Nice to see you back among the living.”
Dy: “If this is living, it’s way overrated.”

5.06, Homecoming;

V: “Got burned down on the real thing, huh?”
V: “I just want to know who you loved more. The blonde or the brunette?”
Dy: “Why, you’re thinking of dying your hair?”
V: “Maybe.”
Dy: “Look, don’t go falling in love here, okay?”

5.09, Intervention;

K: “Look, Dylan. I know we didn’t have the easiest time together, but at least when you were sober you had more dignity than the guy I found licking salt off the neck of a glorified hooker. What, did you do that to humiliate me? To pay me back for falling in love with someone else? Because, if you did, it worked. I was humiliated.”

Dylan, unable to look her in the eye, looks hurt. He asks to be excused. In the bathroom, he nearly does a line of cocaine before deciding against it and agreeing to enter rehab.

5.10, The Dreams of Dylan McKay;

A: “Dylan totaled his car. He’s in the hospital on life support.”
K: (low) “Oh my god.”

K: “As long as Dylan is in there fighting for his life, I don’t think we should be burying him just yet.”

K: “Wait just a second, Valerie. That Dylan is lying in there in a coma is nobody’s fault but his own. I mean, it’s like Brandon said on the way over here. We did everything we could to try and help him. We did the intervention. We found a great place for him to dry out. Then two minutes into his rehab, he’s back out on the street? Whose fault is that? I mean, it’s not like you knew he was out there on the street getting wasted and you didn’t do anything to try and stop him.”
V: “…Right.”
K: “So don’t let yourself feel guilty. Sad, yes. But not guilty.”

V: “Can I ask you a question?”
K: “Sure.”
V: “A personal question.”
K: “Okay …”
V: “… You still love him, don’t you?”

Cindy: “This has got to be VERY tough on her.”

K (holding his hand): “You bastard.”

Dealer: “She, uh ... must’ve been a good lover.”
Dy: (laughs giddily) “I’ve been with everyone in this room? (dealer laughs) Yeah ...”
K: “But I was your favorite, wasn’t I?”
Dy: “Well, I don’t know.” (they kiss)
K: “I was the best.” (more kissing)

5.11, Hate Is Just a Four-Letter Word;

D: “[...] And poor Dylan, he’s really out of it, so ...”
K: “Yeah, I tried to call him today. Iris says he’s still pretty low.”

5.13, Up in Flames;

Bn: “Did I wake you up?”
K: “No. … The Santa Anas get to me too.” [Cue romantic flashback to Dylan]

K: “Well, it sounds like you’re on the road back.”

Dy: “I was thinking of coming a long way from the girl who thought the only reason I fell in love with her was because she was voted … ‘Most Beautiful’.”
K: (smirks) “Yeah, I guess somehow I got past that.”
Dy: “… Most beautiful or not, I’d have fallen in love with you either way, Kel.”

Dy: “You seeing him?”
K: “Yeah …”
Dy: “Yeah, that’s real good. … I’m not gonna pretend it’s easy. It’s not. I’ve got a lot of time here to think about it. I realize a lot of my problems started right … when I lost you.”
K: “I’m sorry.”

K: “Are you miserable?”
Dy: “I was. Now I’m just terrified.”

5.14, Injustice for All;

Dy: “Alright, whoa, whoa, wait a minute. Now you know you can always call me.”
K: “I’m lucky you finally got phone privileges. Otherwise, I might have jumped out a window by now.”
Dy: “Let’s see, second story, you’re on the sand … Yeah, it’d be alright.”
K: “That’s true. Guess I would’ve had to find a much taller building.”
Dy: “Nope, nope. Don’t want to do buildings. It’s way too messy.”
K: “Dylan, what am I gonna do?”
Dy: “Kel, you don’t gotta do anything. Just relax! Just let it happen. And it’ll change. Trust me, I know.”
Dy: “Speak of the devil, it’s your good friend Brandon.”
K: “Look, don’t tell him what we talked about, okay?”

Bn: “First of all, you know, she got caught in this fire.”
Dy: “Yeah, I talked to her a little while ago. Sounds like she’s having a rough time.”
Bn: “Yeah, she is. And I don’t quite know how to handle it. I mean, she’s having some kind of self-image problem and … I mean, her face isn’t that bad.”
Dy: “Her face? … How bad is it?”
Bn: “I don’t know. She won’t show me all the damage. It’s like she doesn’t trust me.”
Dy: “Maybe she doesn’t.”

5.18, Hazardous to Your Health;

Dy: "Look, man, the last person I wanna hear about is Lucinda Nicholson.”
Bn: "This is a funny story."
Dy: "It's not a funny story. Every time I hear her name, I get reminded how she tried to hustle me into financing that stupid documentary while you were off for the weekend hustling Kelly." (Dylan rips his napkin)

Dy: “You didn’t have to wait till I got in the shower to call her, you know.”
Bn: (sarcastic) “Oh, thanks for telling me that. I can call her back if you want to say goodnight too.”
Dy: “Hey, you got a problem?”
Bn: “No, I don’t have a problem. But any question I had about our friendship was answered by the way you looked after seeing Kelly at my house.”
Dy: “Look, don’t talk to me about Kelly, alright? I don’t want to hear about Kelly anymore. Let’s just […]”

5.20, You Gotta Have Heart;

V: “Oh, goodie. Kelly’s here.”
Dy: “What’s the shocker?”
V: “I thought she’d be too busy ‘evolving’.”
Dy: “You really got a thing for her, don’t ya?”
V: “No … but you do.”

K: “Poor Dylan. He still doesn’t know what to do with his life. The New Evolution could work wonders for him.”

Bn: (to Dy) “Look, I know you care about her. She needs your help.”

5.21, Stormy Weather;

Dy: “You know, I think she’s just trying to find a little meaning in her life. Maybe instead of giving her a problem, you guys ought to try to understand it a little bit.”
Cl: “What, have you joined The New Evolution too?”
Dy: “No, I’m just trying to keep an open mind, you know? I think it’s pretty obvious she’s dealing with some serious issues here. Human nature, personal growth. Something like that. Instead of giving her a tough time about it, you two ought to try and respect it.”
K: “Thank you.”

K: “His father is probably his Achilles Heel. His father was Jack McKay.”
Finley: “The financier? Well, no wonder Dylan puts up so much armor. He has a lot to protect. [...] He’s going to be quite a challenge but I think that, working together, we can bring him out.”

K: (about Jackie) “She thinks I’m going through a phase. But it’s more than that. It really is.”
Dy: “Hey, you don’t gotta sell me. I’m on your side, remember?”
K: “I’m really glad to hear somebody understands.”

Finley: “Just as we must cast off those things that impede our growth, so must we also preserve those things that are at its foundation.” (K looks at Dy)

K: “I used to have so many fears inside, Dylan, I couldn’t possibly be happy.”
Dy: “What do you mean?”
K: “… You know how I was always afraid that people wouldn’t like me if I wasn’t pretty?”
Dy: “Yeah.”
K: “Well, I was also afraid that they wouldn’t like me because I was. That’s why I had so many mixed feelings about doing that Seventeen shoot. I’ve always been afraid to be too smart, or too funny, or to enjoy the things I have because people might think I already have too much. … I was lost. And Finley has given me direction. He’s taught me that it’s okay for me to shine. Because everyone has limitless possibilities.”
Dy: “Don’t you know that nothing could ever stop you from shining, Kel?”

Bn: “Is there something going on between the two of you that I don’t know about?”
Dy: “After the, uh, Meleding … we were outside, we were talking – she got to pouring her heart out to me – and we got a little caught up in the moment.”
Bn: “Did ya sleep with her?”
Dy: “I kissed her. I kissed her a couple of times.”
Bn: “You kissed her.”
Dy: “Just being honest.”
Bn: “Well, I appreciate your honesty.”
Dy: “Stop it, alright? Just stop it. Cause that’s not what it was like at all. Okay? If you want to save her from herself, Brandon, you better hurry up because she is not the same person anymore. Frankly, neither am I.”

Finley: “Well, obviously she’s extremely appealing. She’s the kind of woman a person could imagine spending his future with, but we haven’t become intimate yet. At least, not physically. (Dy looks him up and down in disdain, lol) What did you have in mind, Dylan?”
Dy: “About a year ago, Kelly and I, we uh … we had a thing going. And there’s nothing I wouldn’t do to get that back.”

Finley: “I sense a chemistry between the two of you that defies real time and space. And the truth is, I believe Dylan McKay is your soulmate.”
K: “Well, in lots of ways, he probably is.”
Finley: “He loves you, Kelly.”
K: “I know.”

Dy: “Well, I guess we’ve both come a long way.”
K: “The more things change, the more they stay the same.” (she grabs his face and kisses him) “Ever since that day you stood up for me at the Peach Pit, I’ve wanted to hold you, and love you, and let our paths evolve.”

Dy: “Eh, man, booze doesn’t tempt me anymore. Ideas do.”
Bn: “You and Kelly, both.”
Bn: “I just don’t understand how two intelligent people like you and Kelly would give up your identity to be in a cult.”
Dy: “I don’t know. People need assurances. They want to know that they’re part of something bigger than just themselves. … Tyeah. Alright, you can roll your eyes now. You wait till you have some kind of near-death experience. You’ll see.”

K: “You tried to get me to sleep with Dylan so you could get his money.”
F: “I tried to put you and McKay together because you belong together.”
K: “So you’re not denying it.”
F: “It wasn’t as though I had to twist your arm, Kelly.”

K: “When you told me that The New Evolution could help Dylan open up, I thought you were talking about his soul, not his checkbook!”

Dy: “You okay?”
K: “Better than okay.”
Bn: “Good. Let’s get outta here.”
Dy: “Hey, you two go on. I’m gonna walk.”
K: “Dylan …”
Dy: “I’m fine, Kel. I’m gonna walk.” (as he leaves, she motions for Bn to talk to him)
Dy: “What do you want to do – you want to cut her in half? You got any better ideas? Cause I don’t. I’m trying to do the honorable thing here, man. It ain’t my style, so just let me do it, alright?” (Dy and K look out across at one another. He’s letting her go. They part ways.)

5.22, Alone at the Top;

(Kel’s ‘Welcome Back’ moment on campus)
K: “Well, I’m glad you’re here.”
Dy: “Me too.”

V: “Come on, Dylan. Let’s smoke ourselves silly and make love all night.”
Dy: “You’re already silly. I’ll pass.”
V: “On me or the pot?”
Dy: “Both.”
V: “What’s gotten into you? … Oh, that’s right. You’re stuck on Kelly.”

Dy: “If it hadn’t been for a big wind today, I probably would’ve, uh, got one lit up, you know?”
Charlie: “Can’t fool Mother Nature, huh? So, what got to you?”
Dy: “Take a guess.”
Charlie: “Ahh ... a woman.”
Dy: “Yeah.”
Charlie: “Kelly? Valerie?”
Dy: “They ganged up on me. Val supplied the smoke, but Kelly, she supplied the motivation.”
Charlie: “Let her go, man. You got to let-her-go.”
Dy: “I’m trying, but ...”

K: “You know, I never got a chance to tell you how much it meant to me that you came to see me on campus the other day.”
Dy: “Eh, it’s no big deal.”
K: “Well, it was to me. You’re a good friend.” (she kisses him on cheek) “Brandon and I were just talking about it the other day. I’d probably still be evolving with Finley if you hadn’t exposed him for the fraud that he is.”
Dy: “What do you want me to say?”
K: “ … That you’ll always be my friend.” (they stare at each other longingly)
Dy: “… I’ll always be your friend.”

5.24, Unreal World;

Bn: “[...] Until that time, I didn’t know it was possible to love two people at the same time.”
Cl: “Sure. When you go from relationship to relationship, there’s overlap time.”
Bn: “Guess that means Kelly still loves Dylan, huh?”
Dd: “Well, according to Clare’s theory, he probably still loves her.”

5.26, A Song for My Mother;

Molly: “Dreams and imaginings and regressions – they’re all connected.”
Dy: “Yeah, that’s comforting.”
Molly: “But it is. Can I tell you a secret? I’m not absolutely sure that we have lived before. I mean, there’s the slight possibility that reincarnation’s just a crock.”
Dy: “Huh. Now you tell me.”
Molly: “But what I am absolutely sure of is that what we’re doing here – soul-searching, self-discovery – it is a powerful, powerful tool. And if you can regress, you can get that understanding. You can grow, you can learn, you can change.”

5.27, Squash It;

Dy: “It smells like Kelly’s perfume.”
Molly: “It’s Wisteria. It’s supposed to help open the door between the conscious and the subconscious.”

[After Dy’s early 1900’s vision of him and a girl on a train car. He won’t show her his writing. Later, she’s taken away from him by another man and raped. He can’t stop it.]

Molly: “Dylan, just because you saw it, it doesn’t mean that it happened. I mean, sometimes it can just be a message from the subconscious. You know, like a dream.”
Dy: “Yeah, like a nightmare.”
Molly: “Well, we look to our past to heal our future.”
Molly: “What you just experienced could be just one link in the chain. Maybe the answer lies further back.”
Dy: “You think I knew this girl in a different lifetime.”
Molly: “It’s possible that you were betrayed by another woman. That your heart shut down in order to survive. Anyway, what you did isn’t as important as what you’re gonna do.”

5.28, Girls on the Side;

Charlie: (taking a magazine with K’s picture on it away from Dy) “Look, would you put this damn thing down? I thought we were gonna try and get some work done here today.”
Dy: “Yeah, I just can’t get over it – I mean, Kelly Taylor on a magazine cover.”

V: (to Dy/Charlie, about “Jules and Jim”, a French film they’re paying homage to in their screenplay) “And it’s not about a menage a trois. It’s about a woman who’s in love with two men equally – one spiritually and one physically.”

Charlie: “Hey, I see you mooning around after that Kelly. I know Valerie’s in second position.”
Dy: “So what?”
Charlie: “So if the bug that you’ve got for Kelly is so profound, why don’t you just go off somewhere and fight for it?!”
Dylan: (small laugh) “Why don’t you just go home?”

5.29, The Real McCoy;

V: “Well, don’t worry. I’ll take good care of your guy while you’re gone.”
K: “Is that your way of telling me you’re going to make a move on Brandon?”
V: “I’m talking about Dylan. He’s the one you dream about. Isn’t he?”

Billy McCoy: “You’ve got nothing to worry about, Sugar. I would never harm a hair on the head of anything as fetching and sweet-smelling as yourself.”

Dy: “There’s been enough killing.”
K: “A sentiment I hold dear, but wouldn’t have expected to hear from an outlaw.”
Dy: “You think a person can change?”
K: “With all my heart.”
Dy: “You think I can change?”
K: “I pray that you can. Otherwise, it would be a tragic waste of a life to spend your time on this earth in a haze of alcohol and gunpowder.”

Dy VO: “And as he looked in her soft, blue eyes, he knew right then and there that his days as an outlaw were over. And that the next phase of his life was about to begin. There were lots of lazy picnics by the pond that summer … where she would read to him, from the scriptures, and fill his heart with hope. And eventually, love.”

Dy: “Look, you want to know what happened?! You really want to know what happened?! I found out that I was going straight to hell until Kelly Taylor came into the picture, okay?”
Charlie: “So you and Kelly have, like, a seminal link?”
Dy: “Molly says it’s as strong as anything she’s ever channeled.”
Charlie: “Oh, far out!”
V: “What does this ‘seminal link’ mean?”
Charlie: “It means that Dylan and Kelly are soulmates. For life.”

Dy: “Hello, is this New York City?”
K: “Yes, it is. I knew I was gonna hear from you today.”
Dy: “What are you, psychic?”
K: “You’ve been on my mind all day.”
Dy: “Well that’s encouraging, since I haven’t been able to get you out of my thoughts either.”

Dy: “Look, I don’t care what time it is. When you get back in, you gotta call me, okay?”
K: “I will. I promise.”
Dy: “Kel – “

S: (to K, about Dy) “You have something going on with that guy again?”

Dy: “Molly, you gotta help me, here. I know you have a life. I know you have people and everything, but listen – I gotta get back to that moment, that exact moment when Kelly and I rode off into the sunset .” […] You told me the woman is my soulmate! That we have some kind of seminal link. And I gotta tell you, the final images I had of my life – it doesn’t jive with the way I feel about myself, or Kelly, or anything.”

K: “I don’t begrudge you for doing what you can to right a wrong. But these people from your past, they never met the man I love. They never seen you with your sons. (he takes off hat and buries his head in her chest) Promise me this isn’t the last time you’ll hold me.”
Dy: “It won’t be the last time. I promise.”
Dy VO: “And as he rode away that day, both of them were keenly aware that this could be the last time they would ever see each other.”

K: “Dylan! Hi.”
Dy: “Hello, Kel.”
K: “... Is everything okay?”
Dy: “Yeah, I’ve been thinking about you a lot, and …” (they kiss)

5.30, Hello Life, Goodbye Beverly Hills;

K: “Hey, how’m I doin’?”
Dy: “Poetry in motion.”
K: “I have a little control problem.” (crashes into him, they both fall)
Dy: “So do I ...” (kissing)
K: (jokingly) “I think I’ve been swept off my feet.”

Dy: (to K) “You get better looking every day.”

Dy: “Come on, Kel. When you’re with me, you fight with me because that’s when you’re alive.”

Dy: (to K) “We were together in another life. If we’re gonna be together in this one, the opportunity’s now. Right now.”

Dy: (to K) “I wouldn’t be here unless I was absolutely sure that where you belong is with me. Together, wherever it is.”

Dy: (to K) “And don’t break anything out here rollerblading. Because traveling on crutches? It’s a bitch.”

Dy: “I’m just doing what I gotta do.”
Bn: “Fine, then I’ll do what I gotta do.”
Dy: “I know you love her, Brandon. But me and Kelly, we’re connected in a way that you will never understand. ... Ever.”

Bn: (about Dy) “Are you in love with him?”
K: (in acknowledgment) “I still have feelings for him ... ”

D: “So, if you’re engaged, why are you keeping the ring in the box?”
K: “I haven’t said ‘yes’ yet.”
D: “Why not?”
K: “Cause someone else gave me something to think about. Dylan asked me to go around the world with him.”
K: “Dylan’s not talking about a fling.”
D: “Dylan didn’t give you a ring.”
K: “Don’t think I’m crazy, cause I know this sounds nuts. I love Brandon, with all my heart, but with Dylan ... I don’t know. It’s like he’ll always have a piece of my soul.”

Dy: (to K) “Wow, you look great.”

K: “Whatever happened to the cool, calm Dylan McKay?”
Dy: “Well, the cool, calm Dylan McKay just knows what he needs for the first time in his life. I need you.”

Dy: “What’s that thing on your finger?”
K: “ ... I forgot I had it on. Brandon gave it to me this afternoon.”
Dy: “You know what? I don’t even need to know about that. I just need to know whether or not you said ‘yes’.” (she shakes her head ‘no’, and kisses him)

V: (to Bn) “I hope that Kelly chooses Dylan ... because I think you deserve better.”

D: “Why does it always have to be so hard?”
K: “Because we don’t fall in love with fantasies. We fall in love with real people.”

D: “And Dylan?”
K: (laughs) Donna, Dylan is one of the most self-centered people on the planet earth. (smiles) And according to him, he’s been that way for several lifetimes.”
D: “But you love them anyway.”
K: “Yeah.”
K: “Well, if you love him, then I guess you should probably follow your heart.”
D: “Is that what you’re gonna do?”
K: “I’m gonna try.”

K: (to Bn and Dy) “You guys have made my life very difficult the past few days. Cause I love you both. You may not believe that, but it’s true.”

K: (to Bn and Dy) “I’ll love you both till the day I die.”

5.32, P.S. I Love You;

Bn: (to Dy about K) “How’d she manage to get us both so turned around?”
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