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07 May 2011 @ 11:07 pm
Season 10 Reasons & Quotes (Dylan/Kelly)  


01. He will not let her believe that it wasn’t justifiable homicide/self-defense.
02. He volunteered to look for her when she didn’t show up at the beach.
03. She wrote his college recommendation letter, and was up all night describing who he is and arguing his potential.
04. She defended him against David’s insults when he called him a “screw-up”.
05. Steve and Janet think they’d make excellent godparents.

[06 - 60 under the cut]


10.03, You Better Work;

K: (to Dd) “I just pulled my fourth all-nighter this week. It started from writing Dylan’s college recommendation and just went downhill from there.”

Dd: (about Dy’s college app) “Let me guess: He did a half-ass job, then made them feel like they owed him a spot.”
K: “David!”

[more under the cut]


01. He will not let her believe that it wasn’t justifiable homicide/self-defense.
02. He volunteered to look for her when she didn’t show up at the beach.
03. She wrote his college recommendation letter, and was up all night describing who he is and arguing his potential.
04. She defended him against David’s insults when he called him a “screw-up”.
05. Steve and Janet think they’d make excellent godparents.
06. The idea of being linked for life had them smiling and blushing.
07. She cares if he’s depressed.
08. Pastor Neil thought she was someone he could open his heart back up to following Antonia’s death and be with truly.
09. He came to her S8 wedding. ... Dun dun dun.
10. They can’t even stuff turkeys without feeling each other up.
11. Dylan suspects she only laughs this hard with him.
12. She thinks he’s doing great with his life. And she told him.
13. He sang to her.
14. He diminished himself in her eyes to save her relationship.
15. They can confess their aimlessness to each other.
16. He has faith that she’ll find what she’s looking for, and he wants to be an inspiration.
17. Matt thinks she’s still in love with Dylan.
18. She ‘proposed’ to him. And if he’d said ‘yes’, she doesn’t know what she would have done.
19. She’s still finding excuses to see him.
20. His answer was ‘yes’, if he thought she had meant it. And he’d regret it the rest of his life if she did and he turned her down.
21. He wants them to try again and get things right.
22. Despite her engagement, there are still times that she believes he could be The One.
23. He can’t stand that she’s engaged to someone else.
24. He warned her when her boyfriend was being secretive.
25. Protecting their friendship is important to her, and she was saddened by the notion that he was pulling away.
26. When she thought he was using drugs again, she confronted him.
27. Even while on bad terms, she made a point of telling him that she’d miss him if he left town.
28. He decided to stay in L.A. to get out of their “weird place” and find love, faith, and family.
29. She showed up at the storage facility without being asked, to help him sort through his father’s artifacts.
30. He poured his heart out to her and she responded with a giant hug.
31. She is the reason he was able to make contact with his father again and find closure.
32. She will gladly go on spy duty for him (even against his wishes, for his own good).
33. She wanted to stay in Arizona and support him through the process of meeting his dad and little brother.
34. He knows she understands the emotional crutches he clings to and his need to be free of them.
35. He wanted to kiss her on the lips, not the cheek, in 10x20.
36. He has no problem admitting to others that he’s still in love with her.
37. He’ll wake up in the middle of the night to talk with her about her boyfriend issues over coffee.
38. He wanted Matt to confess his infidelity so that she wouldn’t be more hurt by discovering this on her own, with no motive to win her back.
39. She can still playfully tease him about his sex life.
40. He’s welcome to drop by unannounced and hang out at her place.
41. He looked teary-eyed and shell-shocked spotting her in a wedding gown.
42. She wants him at her wedding.
43. David and Donna’s path to a reunion was custom-tailored to forward this one as well.
44. Donna thinks that ‘straightening things out’ with Dylan is the only way either of them will ever be truly happy.
45. Those plane tickets were only disguised as a wedding gift. He wanted her to make a choice, like in S5, and be with him.
46. She almost left because of him and she couldn’t leave ... because of him.
47. He’s ready for a full commitment.
48. She considers herself to be his next of kin.
49. The only way she can imagine him not in her life is if he’s dead.
50. Yes, okay, alright; she still loves him!
51. He’s through pretending that he’s happy she’s engaged to someone else. He wants it to be them.
52. She’s been afraid of getting back together with him for fear of losing him again, the only prospect graver than denial.
53. She won’t let him downplay his college graduation. She’s too proud.
54. They stayed up all night talking about their relationship.
55. She broke up with Matt for Dylan without knowing of his affair.
56. Even after 10 years, he will be patient with her and take their new relationship slow.
57. The poems they read at David and Donna’s wedding were privately directed at each other.
58. Their connection isn’t unhealthy after all.
59. She caught the bouquet in the wake of reuniting with him and they both took note of it with pleasure. Suggestive much?
60. The last words ever spoken on the show were between them.


10.03, You Better Work;

K: (to Dd) “I just pulled my fourth all-nighter this week. It started from writing Dylan’s college recommendation and just went downhill from there.”

Dd: (about Dy’s college app) “Let me guess: He did a half-ass job, then made them feel like they owed him a spot.”
K: “David!”

10.07, Laying Pipe;

[Re: Godparents for Maddie]
S: (to Dy and K) “We want two people who embody integrity. Honesty, loyalty … (joking) We don’t know anyone like that.”
J: “We think you guys would be great!”

G: (about S and J) “Well, I think they made a very intelligent choice.”
Dy: “Yeah, they did. They asked Kelly to be godmother.”

G: (to Dy) “Let me ask you something. Why is it that every single road leads back to you and Kelly? What’re you guys gonna do? You’re gonna play mommy and daddy now?”

Pastor Neal: (to K, about Maddie) “In their child’s eyes, you and Dylan will be linked for life.”

Dy: “I like what he said about us, though.”
K: “What did he say?”
Dy: “That we’d be linked for life.”
K: “Oh, that.” (looks shy)
Dy: “Yeah, that.” (looks shy)

K: “You know what? Maybe you’re not cynical. Maybe you’re just unhappy.”
Dy: “Yeah, maybe both.”
K: “… Are you alright?”

Pastor Neal: “Now you’re here again, to see the sunset with Kelly, who obviously loves you very much.”
Dy: “Is it obvious? I mean, you seem to think that Kelly and I are a couple.”
Pastor Neal: “Are you worried that your [deceased] wife wouldn’t want it to be more?”
Dy: “We’re just friends. It’s just the way it’s always been. Although I have been with other women since Antonia died, I, uh …”
Pastor Neal: “Truly? With all your heart? (Dy looks to the ground) You know, Dylan, maybe you shut down after Antonia died. Maybe it’s time to start watching the sunset with the right person again.”

10.08, Baby You Can Drive My Car;

K: (to Dy) “I’m sorry. Your flap was open.”

K: “She’s a beautiful bride, isn’t she?”
Dy: “Doesn’t hold a candle to you on your wedding day.”

K: (to Dy) “I can’t believe you were there …”
Dy: (to K) “I flew in from Europe at the last minute. I was coming up the path in the back of the church, and I saw you. […] Then it hit me. I realized that you were gonna marry someone else and, uh … I didn’t want to see that.”

10.10, What's In A Name?;

Dy: (to K) “Do you and Matt laugh like this?”

K: (to Dy) “Oh, come on. You’re getting your college degree, you’re helping out at the community center, you’re stuffing turkeys in a completely repulsive yet selfless way … I think you’re doing great.”

Dy: “Your point being?”
M: “That you’re finally showing signs you’re serious. … About Kelly.”

Jackie: (to K) “Forgive me for seeing a pattern, but I watched you clean up Dylan McKay’s messes all through high school. Well, it seems like you’re doing it again and he’s not even your boyfriend.”

10.11, Sibling Revelry;

K: (about M) “He barely makes ends meet, but at least he knows what he wants to do.”
Dy: “He’s a lawyer.”
K: “He’s something. What are we?”

Dy: “Close your eyes.”
K: “What?”
Dy: “Come on. As pretty as they are, close ‘em.”

K: “Okay, first, you don’t even know what color your walls are.”
Dy: “Blue.”
K: “Yellow. Nice try.”

Dy: (to K, re: the painting) “You know, you said this was inspiring. Who knows? Look at it for a while and become inspired. “

M: (to K, about Dy’s gift) “The more you say that a 16,000 dollar painting is just a gift, the more I think you’re protesting just a little too much.”

K: “[If ] you think there’s something between us, something unfinished, something that’s gonna keep us from being with other people, well, then I say we finish it!”
Dy: “We finish it.”
K: “Commit to it. To each other. Really commit, Dylan. House, dog, 2.2 kids …”
Dy: “All or nothing.”
K: “All or nothing. (beat) So we’re clear?”

K: “Last night, I kind of … sort of … proposed to Dylan.”
D: “WHAT? Proposed, like ‘Will you marry me?’ proposal?”
K: “No, no one got down on one knee or anything, but I did mention picket fences and a dog and our future together.”
D: “But what if Dylan had said ‘Yes’?”
K: “But he didn’t.”
D: “But if he had?”
K: “ … I don’t know what I would have done. … I don’t know.”

10.12, Nine Yolks Whipped Lightly;

Dy: “Uh, proposing marriage to me, was that Donna’s idea too?”
K: “Okay, I did not propose anything. I merely suggested that you take things more seriously. (he smiles, humored by her denial) Is this fun for you?”
Dy: “I am just flattered (fake clearing of throat) by your concern.”

Dd: (about K’s proposal) “What if she meant it?”
Dy: “Not a chance.”
Dd: “Dylan, work with me here, alright? What if she said, ‘This is it. Me and you, forever.’ What would you say?”
Dy: “I’d run. I’d run like hell and regret it the rest of my life.”

Dy: (to K) “It’s not all about me. It’s about us. About how, um, well things seem to go wrong for us. You know, maybe it’s time that we got it right.”

D: “Okay, what about Dylan? Last week, you were talking about committing to him.”
K: “Okay, stop.”
D: “You know he loves you.”

D: (about Dy) “How do you feel about him?”
K: “There are times when I think that he could be the one. … If things were different. [...]”

10.13, Tainted Love;

K: “Do you think he’s really happy for me?”
D: “You mean do I think he loves you enough to let you go? I hope so.”

Dy: (to K) “You’re awfully peppy ... ”

Dy: (to K) “Yeah, you and me linked for life? You bet. Nice rock.”

K: “Before Matt and I announced our engagement, you said that you wanted to tell me something. About how things could be different for us. Do you want to tell me now?”
Dy: “I think that would make us late.”

S: (about K) “It’s just that ever since she got engaged, you’ve been a little … “
Dy: “I’ve been what? I’ve been fine.”

Dy: (to M) “You gotta admit, though, either way, it’s pretty rich. I mean, me buying your engagement ring for Kelly.”

Dy: (to K) “In some passive-aggressive way, I’m trying to help you. Haven’t you noticed Matt’s acting kind of weird lately?”

10.14, I'm Using You 'Cause I Like You;

K: “Will we always be friends?”
D: “Of course!”
K: “I mean all of us. I ran into Dylan today and he made it very clear that he wants nothing to do with me. [,,,] It just makes me sad.”
D: “We’ve all been friends for so long.”
K: “Too long to just let go.”

K: (to Dy) “I’m just here because I care about what happens to you.”

K: (to M, about Dy) “I’m kind of having a hard time right now. All of a sudden, this group that I’ve known for so long is growing up. Friends are pulling away … I just want to yank them back in and keep everything the way it was, you know?”

10.17, Doc Martin;

K: (to Dy) “If you are gonna leave, I don’t want our bitching and moaning or the ridiculous amount of pain we inflict on each other to obscure the fact that you’re one of my best friends. And I’m gonna miss you. … There, I said it.”

G: “Yeah, I wanted closure. And now I’ve got it. (G looks at Dy looking at K) Maybe you don’t.”
Dy: “You heard the man. Life’s about love, faith, family … I don’t have any of those. […] I gotta stay.”

K: “About us being in this really weird place, I don’t want that.”
Dy: “Neither do I.”
K: “Think we can get out of it?”
Dy: “I hope so. It’s one of the reasons I stayed.”

10.18, Eddie Waitkus;

K: “Alright, how ‘bout reflection? Sizing up what’s been going on in your life for the past 7 years.”
Dy: “Nothing.”
K: “I know.”
Dy: “The older I get, the worse I feel. So when I reflect on it and I size it up, the more miserable and twisted it becomes. … I miss my dad.” (she hugs him, hard)

10.19, I Will Be Your Father Figure;

K: (to M) “I was with Dylan. All my mental energy is zapped.”

K: (to M) “Dylan’s life derailed when he lost his father. You weren’t there. You have no idea what this means to him.”

K: “It’s now or never.”
Dy: (re: Jack) “From what I saw, his new life looks a lot better than his old one.”
K: “Why, because he has a wife and a little boy?”
Dy: “A son.”
K: “He has two.”

K: “Dylan, listen to me. If your dad doesn’t want you in his life, then it is his loss.”
Dy: “Kelly, why do you think I go on binges? ‘My dad died’. I push people away from me who try to get close. I never, ever finish anything I start. Why? Because ‘My dad died’? I don’t know who I am without using that as a crutch. I don’t know if I’m ready to find out.”
K: “That excuse doesn’t work anymore because your dad is alive.”

10.20, Ever Hear The One About The Exploding Father?;

Jack: “Kelly called me and I’m glad she did because it gives me the chance to tell you how sorry I am, Dylan.”

K: “You got scared of something you want too much. Dylan, he’s your father. He’s risking his life to see you again.”
Dy: “Yeah, after 7 years.”
K: “Well, I’ve seen what those years have done to you.”
K: “Your life can change in a second. Just go to him, Dylan. Tell him everything you’ve ever wanted to tell him, even if it’s just goodbye.”

K: “Look, I know that it was difficult and awkward …”
Dy: “No, ‘awkward’ is hearing your own father deny that you exist. That’s awkward.”

Dy: (to K, re: Jack reunion) “You did this for me. I walked away, but you made it happen.”

K: “I’m so happy for you.”
Dy: “Yeah. And I’m just happy for the first time in a long time.”

Dy: “Thank you.”
K: “I didn’t do anything.”
Dy: “You did everything.”

Dy: (to K) “I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it lately but, um … Matt’s a lucky guy.”

Dd: (watching Dy watch K) “You just can’t shake some people, can you? You know, it’s funny. You think you can. You think you have. Then […]”

10.21, Spring Fever;

Dy: “Hey! You look busy.”
K: “Yeah. Crazed is more like it.”
Dy: “Kel, good luck with the Crazy.”

Girl: (about him and M) “So, are you two like best friends?”
Dy: “No, we’re in love with the same woman.”
Girl: “Oh. Cozy.”

10.22, The Easter Bunny;

K: (about her and M) “We were just talking about where we’re gonna get married. I think it should be in a church.”
Dy: “Oh, yeah. Definitely. Definitely in a church. I mean, you got all that religious stuff, and there’s a confessional halfway down the aisle. It’s a good idea.”
K: “You would think of that.”

K: “Hi. Did I wake you?”
Dy: “... No. (rubs eyes) What time is it?”

Dy: (to M, about his affair) “Feeling guilty is one thing. Looking guilty is something entirely different. Now if Kelly sees you sweatin’ it, she’s gonna figure it out. That’s the only thing worse than you telling her. Don’t let that happen.”

M: “Tell me, when Kelly and I break up, will there be a grace period or will you offer the Caribbean vacation right away?”
Dy: “I don’t want that to happen.”
M: “Because we’re pals ...”
Dy: “No. Not cause we’re pals. Cause I don’t want to see her get hurt.”

10.23, And Don't Forget To Give Me Back My Black T-Shirt;

Dy: “... I was just realizing that’s the second time I’ve seen you wearing a wedding dress to marry someone else.”
K: “Maybe this time you’ll stay for the wedding.”
Dy: “Maybe not. Matt’s the lucky guy.” [...] (glassy-eyed) “You look beautiful.”

10.24, Love Is Blind;

K: “We’ve set a date for our wedding.”
Dy: “Glad to hear it.”
M: “August 12th. Telling everyone now so you can set aside the day.”
Dy: “Yeah, well, I have a dentist’s appointment that afternoon.”
K: “Dylan, I want you to be there.”

Dy: “It’s a wedding gift.”
M: “Thanks.”
Dy: (pointedly, to K) “Well, I know it’s something that you’ve always wanted to do.”

D: “I already told David how I feel this morning.”
K: “And?”
D: “And he feels the same way.”
K: “Oh my god, Donna,. That’s great. So, you guys are back together?”
D: “No. I mean, it’s great, but we’re not together.”
K: “Why not?”
D: “Because we’re friends. And we just want to keep it that way.”
K: “Okay, that is messed up.” (enter Dylan)

K: (re: plane tickets) “If it was meant as some sort of reminder of the good old days, they weren’t so good.”
Dy: “Oh, I think we both know better than that. But it was meant as a gift, and if you’re reading more into it, that should be telling you something.”

K: “... If you don’t get together with David, I’m gonna have to hurt you.”
D: “I told you, our friendship is too important for me to risk.”
K: “On what? Being happy? Honestly, I do not understand your thinking.”
D: “What was that today with you and Dylan?”
K: “Oh. We were talking about you and David.”
D: “Oh. That’s great. Now we’re talking about you and Dylan. So, did you guys straighten things out?”
K: “As much as we ever do.”
D: “Which is not at all.”
K: “That is not my fault. I am very clear with him about what I want.”
D: “Were you being clear with him when you proposed 3 months ago?”
K: “I did that to push him away.”
D: “Oh, so to push him away, you asked him to marry you?”
K: “Is there a point here?”
D: “Yes. Yes. My point is that I like Matt. I love Matt. I want Matt to be your husband ...”
K: “But?”
D: “But ... I just think if you and Dylan don’t completely straighten things out, neither of you are ever going to be truly happy.”

M: (about Dy) “Well, I’m not sure I want you being offered trips around the world every 5 years.”
K: “It won’t be like that.”
M: “Not if we move.”

M: (to Dy) “Here’s how I figure it. You didn’t tell Kelly about what happened because you care about her and you don’t want to see her hurt. [...]”

M: (to Dy) “Look, I know this is probably hard for you. It hurts a little bit, you having to see Kelly and me around all the time. [...]”

M: “C’mon, you said you were ready to go.”
K: “Yeah, to something. For something. Now it would just feel like we’re running away.”
M: “From Dylan?”
K: “Did I miss something? When did this become about Dylan?”
M: “Oh, let’s see ... since the day I met him?”
K: “You have this idea of him. This idea of him and me. This ridiculous idea!”

Dy: “It won’t work.”
K: “What?”
Dy: “Leaving.”
K: “Is that why you wanted me to meet you here? So you could tell me not to leave?”
Dy: “Yes. That, and to see if you wanted to go bowling.”
K: “I haven’t decided to go anywhere.”
Dy: “I tried. It doesn’t help you forget.”
K: “You can’t do this, Dylan.”
Dy: “Because ... it’s confusing? ... You’re leaving because of me?”
K: “I didn’t say I was leaving.”
Dy: “If you do ...”
K: “It won’t have anything to do with you.”
Dy: “I’m glad you’re clear on that. Cause a couple of months ago, you were saying something to me about commitment. Something about me committing to you, and not just a little bit. All or nothing.”
K: “You chose nothing.”
Dy: “Let me choose again.”
Dy: (he grabs her back) “... Why is it too late?”
K: “... Because ... it is ... “

10.25, I'm Happy For You ... Really;

K: “Dylan decided, on his own, out of the blue, that he wants to be with me.”
M: “He told you this.”
K: “In his own way.”

D: (to K) “Well, even when I knew how I felt about David, I guess I was just really scared to take that leap, you know? Speaking of which, how is Dylan?”

K: “I should have never let him narrow down the categories. There is a lot between all and nothing.”

K: “I just don’t understand what goes on in Dylan’s head, you know?”
D: “Uh – he doesn’t want you to marry someone else?”

K: (after hearing the radio report that a surfer drowned, thinking it’s Dy, to M) “I feel sick.”

K: (to M) “Dylan’s father is in Witness Protection. His mother communes with nature. We are his next of kin.”

M: “Kelly, it’s not Dylan. You’re gonna see him again. Believe me, he’s gonna be that same old mope he always was.”

K: (to morgue assistant) “Look, his name is Dylan McKay, okay? He has no family to speak of, so if he’s lying in there dead somewhere and you’re trying to contact them ... Please, if it’s not him, will you just tell me?”

K: “I thought I lost you.”
Dy: “What are you talking about?”
K: “Where are you? I’ve been calling you all day!”
K: “Thank god you’re okay.”
Dy: “You’re keeping tabs now?”
K: “No. That’s not it.”
Dy: “Well, what is it? ... Kelly?”
K: “... Yeah.”
Dy: “Anything else?”
K: “I was wrong about something.”

Dy: (to K) “Listen, I’m around today if you need to get a hold of me.”
M: “You know why she called.”

K: “Just the thought that that could have been you.”
Dy: “Made you call all over town looking for me?”
K: “We ended up in the morgue.”
Dy: “What are you doing, Kelly?”
K: “I was worried, and ... irrational.”
Dy: “What are you doing with your life?”

D: (re: the move) “Why are you even thinking about this?”
K: “Too much history here.”

K: “Dylan gives me one ultimatum, and he ignores me once. And the only way I can think of him not in my life is if he’s dead.”
K: “I was so scared, I couldn’t breathe. I just kept hearing his name over and over, like, screaming in my head.”
D: “That doesn’t sound like fear. It sounds like love.”
K: “Yeah. I know that now.”

K: “You’re not gonna let me back in, are you?”
Dy: “What’s the point? You’re engaged to marry someone else. You want me to say I’m happy for you? I’m not.”
K: “I’m glad. ... I’m glad that you’re being straight with me. That you’re saying things that need to be said. Before ...”
Dy: “What? Before what?”
K: “The truth is, I can never imagine having you without imagining losing you ... to another woman, or an addiction, or your inevitable lack of interest.”
Dy: “You already said ‘no’ to me once. I don’t need to hear it again.”
K: “Maybe I am not repeating myself!”

10.26, The Penultimate;

S: “You know what? Janet cut me down the first time I asked her [to marry him].”
Dy: “Ugh, women suck. [...] Come on. They want you to commit and, when you finally do, it’s not enough?”
S: “Eventually, they come around.”

Dy: (to K) “That’s very important to you, isn’t it? Believing in what you do.”

Dy: (to K) “You follow your heart. What could be wrong with that?”

Dy: “You know, I talked to David about Donna.”
K: “Oh. How’s he doing?”
Dy: “He can’t figure out how two people so obviously meant for each other can’t seem to get together. (pointedly) To tell you the truth ... neither can I.”

K: (to Dy) “I’m proud of you.”

Dy: “Kelly ... I will never let you down.”

Dy: (to K) “We didn’t do anything wrong. We just stayed up talking all night. It’s not a crime.”

K: “You know what I want more than anything? ... Peace.”
Dy: “Yeah.”
K: “I just want a little peace.”

K: “I can’t marry you.”
M: “Dylan put you up to this, didn’t he?”
K: “No, he didn’t. But he does have something to do with it.”

M: (to K, about her and Dy) “Can you honestly say that you haven’t been even more unfaithful in your own way?”

Dy: “But if I had told you?”
K: “I would have broken off the engagement a lot sooner than I did.”
Dy: “And come to me? ... Probably? And been with me because you were mad at him. I didn’t want that.”
K: “I thought we were friends.”
Dy: “Yeah. When you get some distance on this, you’ll see I acted like one.”

10.27, Ode To Joy;

Dy: (to K) “So ... wanna dance? It’s not a one-time offer. It can wait.”

K: “Breaking off my engagement is gonna hurt for a while. Being okay with it might even take longer.”
Dy: “I know that.”
K: “I’m gonna need you to be patient with me about it.”
Dy: “And I will be.”

S: (looking at J) “Is she beautiful or what?”
Dy: (looking at K) “Yes, she is.”

M: “I saw you … and Dylan. Heard your readings. I’m glad I did. Cause now I realize that the connection you guys have, it isn’t unhealthy after all. I don’t know how I could have missed it, although I was probably just too scared to look. Standing there in back of the church listening to you talk about loving with – what was it – the breath, smiles, and tears of life? Even I couldn’t miss that.“
K: “I’m sorry.”
M: “Don’t be. It’s why I came here today … to tell you I think you made the right choice.”

Dy: “I like the flowers.”
K: (pointed smirking) “Hm. So do I.”
Dy: “Dance with me? It’s not a one-time offer. It can wait.”
K: “I don’t want to wait.”
[They kiss.]
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