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Season 9 Reasons & Quotes (Dylan/Kelly)


01. Their stare-down upon his return told us it’s so not over.
02. When her grandfather was dying, she called Dylan.
03. He came back to L.A. for her. He missed her.
04. They still go to the playground to talk.

[05 - 41 under the cut]


9.08, You Say Goodbye, I Say Hello;

K: “How long are you staying?”
Dy: “I don’t know. But I’m still waiting for my hug.”

M: (about Dy) “Who’s that guy?”
K: “He’s, um, an old friend.”

[more under the cut]


01. Their stare-down upon his return told us it’s so not over.
02. When her grandfather was dying, she called Dylan.
03. He came back to L.A. for her. He missed her.
04. They still go to the playground to talk.
05. She admits – to him, no less – that she lies to herself about them being just friends and nothing more.
06. They might just end up in Mexico on a whim.
07. He was arrested for trespassing while armed and dangerous, and she still defended him.
08. She understands the grief he has over his late wife.
09. She helped set up a detox program for him.
10. When he ran away, she knew just where to find him.
11. They have a sacred pact and a special place on the beach.
12. He made his way to her doorstep, though near-death from a heroin overdose.
13. She watched over him in the hospital.
14. Matt thinks she’s still in love with him.
15. He tells her, in essence, that she’s enough to make a grieving man want to live.
16. He gives her selfless advice about her love life and can open up about his, even admitting to the use of sex as a distraction.
17. She bought him a vintage car just to lift his spirits.
18. It’s coffee talk by sunrise and board games at night.
19. She praises his ability to survive, trusting that he will find focus and a sense of peace.
20. She’s the only living person he still feels connected to.
21. In his mind, there are still things left unsaid between them. Meaningful things.
22. He’s sure that she’ll come back to him someday.
23. She thinks that he knows her very well.
24. The more he hangs around Matt and Kelly, the more he describes himself as a man who doesn’t care about anything.
25. He fixed a raffle drawing for her.
26. They’re noticeably uncomfortable seeing each other kissed by others.
27. If she had to be stuck on a deserted island, she’d like it to be with him.
28. Her vow to stop pining for him is going to be harder than she thought.
29. He misses their alone-time, as friends, and tells her this.
30. Steve wants them to just get together already. Why prolong the inevitable?
31. He makes it clear that he wants to be with her.
32. She’s willing to damage her current relationship for the sake of remaining friends with him.
33. He was distraught that her sex tape revealed a loving relationship with someone else ... and he couldn’t stop watching it.
34. When he feared he might use drugs again, he called her to talk him down.
35. He’s the only one she was willing to confide in about her rape.
36. He took care of her, let her hide out at his place, and went to the police station with her following the attack.
37. She agrees that they are best friends.
38. He knew better than anyone that being at the Peach Pit AfterDark was not what Kelly needed. And then she freaked out.
39. He befriended Matt out of concern for her well-being.
40. Hearing objectifying comments about her sent him into a rage.
41. When the rapist returned, it was the gun he gave her that saved her life.


9.08, You Say Goodbye, I Say Hello;

K: “How long are you staying?”
Dy: “I don’t know. But I’m still waiting for my hug.”

M: (about Dy) “Who’s that guy?”
K: “He’s, um, an old friend.”

9.09, Life Support;

S: (about Dy and K) “They once thought they were soulmates.”
M: “Before Brandon?”
S: “Before Brandon. During Brandon. After Brandon … ”

Dy: “A lot of people can help Kelly with her problems. I can just help her forget them.”

K: (to D) “Okay, there is nothing going on between me and Dylan …”

Dy: “You and I have been a lot of things to each other over the years, Kel.” […] “Now, as far as ‘chandeliers’ go …”
K: (smirks) “I have a vague recollection.”

Dy: (taunting K) “You missed what we had.”

K: “Your being here scares me.”
Dy: “Why?”
K: “I hadn’t planned on it.”

Dd: (about M) “He seems pretty smart. Kelly thinks so.”
Dy: “Do tell.”
Dd: “Sure. As soon as you admit she’s why you came back.”

M: “About Dylan, I’m not in the middle there either.”
K: “There’s nothing to be in the middle of.”
M: “Well, you seem to be the only one who thinks so.”
K: “Okay. I admit, his showing up did take me a little by surprise.
M: “Kelly, before you say anything you don’t believe, listen to me. Whatever you and Dylan need to work through, it’s fine by me.”

K: “My grandfather saw some of the worst fighting in WWII. Yet most of his memories are of how beautiful Europe is.
Dy: “Yeah, it is. Sometimes unimaginably so.
K: “He went there to fight a war. When it was over, he came home. Why did you?”
Dy: “Nice try.”
K: “I thought so.”

Dy: “I came back because this is my home. I missed my friends.”
K: “That’s a good answer.”
Dy: “You want a better answer? I came back because I missed you.”

9.10, The Following Options;

K: “Get me out of here, Dylan.”

K: “You gonna stay?”
Dy: “You want me to push ya?”

K: “I keep telling myself we’re just old friends.”
Dy: “Does it work for you?”
K: “Not always.”

M: (to K, about Dy and himself) “Spare me the details. It’s not that complicated. On the one hand there’s this guy you once had something great with. And on the other hand, there’s this really great guy you could miss out on.”

9.11, Marathon Man;

Dy: “Still can’t believe you’re in Mexico, huh?”
K: “Why, did I say that already?”
Dy: “Yes, you have. About 5 times. Which on anyone else would be strange, but on you it’s charming.”

9.13, Trials and Tribulations;

K: “But Mr. Marchette is dead.”
G: “You knew that and you didn’t tell Dylan?”
K: “I thought he knew.”
G: “You didn’t ask him about it?”
K: “The subject was off-limits. People close to him respected that, okay?”

M: (about Dy) “So you’re telling me when he holds a couple at gunpoint his heart is in the right place.”
K: “He left town the day after his wife was buried. He’s had zero closure. When can I talk to him?” […] “I’m just worried. I don’t know what’s going on.”

K: (to M) “I’ll say it one more time. There’s nothing going on between me and Dylan.”

9.14, Withdrawal;

K: “You knew Dylan had a habit.”
M: “Yeah, and I tried getting him to stop.”
K: “I’m sure you did. But it didn’t work. And if you had told me or David – “
M: “Nothing would have happened, Kelly!”
K: “How do you know that?!”
M: “What he told me was privileged. He was my client.”
K: “Oh. He was ‘privileged’. I’m sorry. He’s my friend! And he needs help, okay?”

G: “I think I should be with Dylan.”
K: “So do I.”

G: “Uh, if Dylan needs anything, I’ll call you guys.”
K: “He’s needed plenty. You haven’t called.”

K: “If either one of us ever freaked and ran off, we had this pact. This is where we would run to.”
M: “That happen a lot?”
K: “Our share.”
M: “You found each other here?”
K: “Yeah. Yeah, we did.”

M: (to K, about her and Dy) “I’m beginning to feel like I wandered into an episode of ‘Joanie Loves Chachi’.”

K: “I’ve had two very significant others: Brandon and Dylan.”
M: “Each of whom I’m all too familiar with.”
K: “You may not be able to see it, but they’re both really great guys. And if they ever need me, they’ve got me.”

K: “Oh my god. Dylan, are you alright?”
Dy: “Help me.”

K: (to G) “Dylan is my friend. He has been for over 9 years.”

M: “Where’s Kelly?”
G: “Take a wild guess.”
[K watching over Dy in hospital]

M: “Not surprising. Someone always seems to pay for Dylan’s mistakes.”
K: “Maybe you should go.”
M: “Maybe we both should. Kelly, let someone else watch over him. Like, say, his girlfriend?”
K: “I am not going anywhere.”

K: (waiting for news on Dy in hospital) “It’s only been 20 minutes. It feels like a year.”

M: (about K waiting for Dy to wake up) “You know, I just want you to think about whether you’re doing this as a friend or something more.”
K: “Matt.”
M: “Please, just … just think about it.”

9.16, Beheading St. Valentine;

K: “This isn’t required. You know that.”
Dy: “What, I’m supposed to just note that you’re okay?”

Dy: (about M) “Kel, the guy loses his wife … and keeps going. Puts himself through Law School, thinking about her. Every day. Meets you. Lives.” […] “Do you know how many deals this guy has made with god? He hit the jackpot.”

9.17, Survival Skills;

Dy: “Talked to Matt?”
K: “Briefly. Enough to let him know I’m here if he needs me.”
Dy: “He’s a lucky man.”

Dy: “Look, I’ve only ever connected with two things in this life. One of them is dead.”
K: “How about the other one?”
Dy: “She’s sitting right across from me.”

9.18, Slipping Away;

K: “Are you gonna help me or not?”
Dy: “Sure. As soon as you admit it’s gonna be fun.”

K: “Thank you for coming down here with me. It means a lot.”
Dy: “Well, when I get my miracle second chance, you’d do the same for me.”
K: “So you would want Antonia back even if you knew you’d have to give her up again?”
Dy: “Make no mistakes, Kel. I would do anything to get Antonia back. When you know that there’s an end, you, uh … it allows you to orchestrate and say the things you always wanted to say. Wouldn’t you want that?”
K: “With who?”
Dy: “With somebody that you once loved. Who meant a lot to you and then, for whatever reason, just wasn’t there anymore.”
[Next Dy/K scene, they make love]

Dy: “Last night was pretty great, Kel.”

Dy: “You want to know why she’s nervous? Well, look, we used to date, right? Me and her. And we came down here last night and … you know, things happen. Apparently, some of the old magic came back. We both got in touch with feelings that we thought were behind us.”
K: “That is not true.”
Dy: “Especially her, cause that girl’s gonna need a lot of therapy.”
K: “What are you talking about?”
Dy: “But ultimately what happened is … she seduces me. Okay?”
K: “I seduced you?! You were all over me!”
K: “So you didn’t mean any of that stuff ... about us, you know ... feelings?”
Dy: (studies her, lies) “No. ... Not a word.”
K: “Good. Good, neither did I.”

9.19, Bobbi Dearest;

Dy: (about cheating) “It’s what we do, you and me. With Brenda, with Brandon …”
K: “And now Matt.”
Dy: “It’s who we are.”
K: “This is different. He’s different. I love him.”
Dy: “I’m sure that you do. I’m also sure that, some day, you’re gonna want to be with me again.”

M: “You know, I used to have a hard time with you two spending so much time together.”
Dy: “Well, that’s because Kelly follows her heart.”

G: “How are Matt and Kelly?”
Dy: “Annoying.”

9.21, Fortune Cookie;

G: (to M) “Dylan fixed the drawing. He could have chosen anyone. He chose your girlfriend.”

Dy: “Kel, it’s just a gift, okay? From one friend to another friend.”

G: (seeing Dy/K hug) “Ah, the happy couple …”

M: “Please. This is not about Cole Younger. It’s about who it’s always about.”
K: “Dylan …”

Dy: “You ever wonder what would have happened if we had never done that [had an affair in the Summer of ‘92]?”
K: “I guess we’d just be friends.”
Dy: “Mm. Kinda like we are right now.” (awkward silence)
K: “… Gina inside?”
Dy: “Yeah. Matt?”
K: “He lives here.”

9.22, I Want To Reach Right Out And Grab Ya;

K: “Still, it’s like worlds colliding.” [the prospect of a Dy/M/K/G road trip]
Dy: “I’ll race ya to the fallout shelter.”

Magician: “You’re a very beautiful woman, Kelly, and I bet you have a lot of suitors. If you had to be stuck on a desert island with one of them, who would that be?”
K: “Dylan McKay.”

D: “Were you really hypnotized? This is me you’re talking to.”
K: “Yes. I mean, I think so. I don’t remember choosing Dylan over Matt and I have no idea why I would do that.”
D: “Maybe because that’s how you really feel?”

K: “I’m here to apologize, okay? For last night. For the [...]”
G: “For not being able to shake my boyfriend?”

G: “Can you do that? Can you promise me you’ll let Dylan go?”
K: “I promise.”

9.23, Local Hero;

Dy: “I’m servicing a bowl of cereal. It’s in dire need of some milk.”
K: “Oh, a tragic tale …”

K: “Okay, so what did you want to talk about?”
Dy: “Nothing. I lied. See, I, you know, figure running into you is the best thing that’s gonna happen to me today, so I don’t want you to slip away.”
K: “I’m not avoiding you, if that’s what you think.”
Dy: “We never see each other anymore, Kel.”
K: “No, no. Matt and I were at the AfterDark last night.”
Dy: “It’s not what I mean. I mean you and me, alone.”
K: “That’s not a good idea.”
Dy: “Why is that, because friends aren’t supposed to want to sleep together?”
K: “And we don’t.”
Dy: “We don’t want to? Or we just … don’t?”

K: “No, we were just having coffee.”
Dy: “Yeah. Decaf!”
K: “ It wasn’t like some clandestine meeting or anything.”
S: “Well it is now. It’s not like you to lie, Kelly. So what really happened?”
K: “Nothing.” / Dy: “Talking.”
Dy: “… Nothing.”/ K: “Talking.”
S: “Oh, boy.”

S: “A cup of coffee? Please! You two may as well sleep together. You know, you two don’t really fit. And yet, in some kind of weird way, you do fit. We see it. We all see it.” […] “So, for our sake, get it over with already. Thank you. Goodnight.”
Dy: “I should go.”
K: “You think? How come?”
Dy: “Cause of some of the things he said. Because he’s right.”

Dy: “Think about what’s right for us, Kel. […] Maybe it’s time for a change.”
K: “Well, don’t change for me.”

M: “Why do you hang onto him? Do you enjoy it?”
K: “He is my friend!”

9.24, The End Of This World As We Know It;

[re: M/K sex tape]
Dy: “Show’s over.”
G: “No, are you kidding? We are definitely watching this. Come on.”
Dy: “I said no.”

Dy: “I do not want to drag Kelly and Matt into this.”
G: “Of course you don’t, cause you want to protect Kelly, right?”

Dy: “He loves you and you love him. It was difficult for me to see that. A connection.”
K: “I’m sure if the roles were reversed, I wouldn’t have been able to push ‘play’.”
Dy: “[...] You found someone that makes you happy. I wish it was me.”

9.25, Dog’s Best Friend;

Dd: “Yeah, whatever. Come on. We both know how long you hung out around Kelly after you guys broke up.”
Dy: “That was different. I’ve known her all my life.”

Dd: (to Dy) “We were talking about Gina and then we started talking about Kelly and you got all, like, you know, paranoid and your eyebrows were going. It was ridiculous.”
Dy: “Great girls. […]”

Dy: (to K) “Look, I - I need to talk to a friend.”

Dy: “This is about me wanting to get high right now and I don’t think that’s a good idea.”
K: “Dylan, okay, stop. Where are you? I’ll come to you.”

9.26, Agony;

Dy: “I’m looking for Kelly.”
G: “What a surprise.”

Dy: (to G, about K) “Look, here’s the deal. We were supposed to meet and she didn’t show up. And she did not call me, so I am worried about her.”

Dy: “What happened last night? You didn’t show. I was worried.”
K: “I’m fine.”
Dy: “I can see that you’re not.”
Dy: “Kel, you’re my best friend. Okay? I mean, I called you. I said I was thinking about using heroin. And when you guys have these little interventions, you say you’d do anything – that you’d walk through fire to be there for me.”
K: “I would.”

K: “… I was raped.” (tentatively, he holds her)
Dy: “You’re gonna get through this. You’re gonna be fine.”
K: “I don’t know.”
Dy: “Whatever it takes, that’s what we’re gonna do. I promise you. You’ll be fine.”

Dy: “You know, Kel, at some point you’re gonna have to tell your friends what happened.”
K: “I’m just not ready. Police, yes. But everybody else, no.”

G: (to Dy and K) “You two deserve each other.”

Dy: “I was getting ready to do heroin again.”
M: “Kelly talked you out of it.”
Dy: “She’s a good friend.”

G: (to Dy, about K) “She hasn’t been home for the last three nights so I just figured that you two were, you know, hanging out. Naming the kids.”

9.27, That’s The Guy;

Dy: (to M, about K) “She’s the victim of a sex crime. It’s easier, maybe, to talk about that with someone who you’re not having sex with.”

Dy: “How could you do that?”
M: “Do what?”
Dy: “That! All of this. Look, she doesn’t need a scene like this right now.”
M: “Dylan, she wanted to come here, so I brought her. Don’t even pretend to know what she needs because neither of us do.” [Cue K freaking out at the AfterDark]

Bar Guy: “The guy said she was hot.”
Dy: “Don’t say anything else about the girl who was attacked or you’ll be picking pieces of this beer bottle out of your face.”
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